Our videos for universities are made to support and develop the skills of doctoral students and their supervisors, with partner institutions including Birkbeck, University College London and Royal Holloway. The academic consultant is Prof John Wakeford of The Missenden Centre.

Dr.App is the ideal way to put the entire series and more into the pockets of your doctoral students and their supervisors (and anyone considering doctoral study). 

Dr.App includes all of the videos listed below (some of which were previously sold as separate, stand-alone videos and can still be licenced as such). We also offer occasional live sessions on Zoom to universities with Dr.App licences, to screen some of the videos and discuss the issues raised. A PGR recently commented, “Thank you – this is one of the most helpful and illuminating sessions I have attended while researching my PhD. You have given me a lot of confidence. I get a lot of support from my supervisors, but they can’t do or be everything.”

The Good Viva Video    helps students prepare for their viva
The Good Supervision Videohow to work with your PhD supervisor
The Good Presentation Videopractical skills for making presentations
The Good Doctorate Videomanage time and complete a thesis on schedule
The Good Upgrade Videounderstand the PhD ‘upgrade’ process and similar
The UK Doctorate Videohelps international students understand the UK system
The Professional Doctorate Videoalternative paths to a doctorate
The PhD Survival Video   managing stress, pressure and mental health challenges
The ‘Should I do a PhD?’ Videohelps make informed choices about starting a PhD
The ‘What Next?’ Videocareer planning during your PhD
The Outstanding Supervisors Videohow to supervise a doctorate
The Good Networking Videoengaging with the wider academic world
The Research Impact Videochanging the world with your PhD
The Bad Supervision Videodealing with problems with supervisors
The Good Writing Videohow to write your thesis
The Affordable Doctorate Videoyour PhD and the cost of living

Dr.App started as a mobile app for Apple and Android but is now running more reliably as a mobile-friendly website with a login for licenced users.

Individual users can buy their own access, but institutional licences are far better value. Universities can buy access for an affordable licence fee each academic year, the price depending on the number of research students and staff you need user accounts for.  (And you pay less if your university has previously licenced any of the videos above as stand-alone titles.)

Ask us for a free preview account to see the contents for yourself, and ask us for a price for your institution:

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