Dr.App: advice for institutions with licences

We’re delighted that a growing number of institutions are buying licences for Dr.App, and we’re even happier when we see those licences being used.  We want you and your PGRs to get good value from Dr.App.
Your internal communications are crucial to raising awareness of Dr.App and getting it widely used, when you initially roll it out and through the year. 

– Here is a checklist of suggestions to help you with this (version 4, August 2023). We suggest printing it out and referring to it once a month.  Let us know if you have other suggestions we can share.

Dr.App started life as a mobile app for Apple and Android, and is now rebuilt as a web-based service, where it runs more reliably!  If you have licences, we have sent you a pdf flyer which you can circulate to your intended users (and maybe print to display in any appropriate places on your campus). This includes instructions for your users to log in.  If you can’t find the flyer, download it again here.
Latest news:

Zoom sessions. We offer occasional live sessions on Zoom to universities with Dr.App licences (one per academic year per institution) to screen some of the videos and discuss the issues raised. These have attracted very positive feedback from students, and have helped raise awareness of Dr.App and engagement with it. A PGR recently commented, “Thank you – this is one of the most helpful and illuminating sessions I have attended while researching my PhD. You have given me a lot of confidence. I get a lot of support from my supervisors, but they can’t do or be everything.”

New hosting.  We rebuilt Dr.App as a web-based service in August 2023 and emailed users of the previous version to tell them how to register on the new one.  Let us know if you have any questions about the new hosting arrangements.

Subtitles.  Most of the videos in Dr.App now have English subtitles which users can switch on or off.  We are working on the rest, and will let user institutions know when this is complete.
We want to hear from you:
* if you, your staff or students have any comments or suggestions about Dr.App or want to suggest new content.
* if you or anyone have any difficulties in registering accounts on the app or using them.
* if you need to know how many users have registered from your institution.  You might want to check the list of names from time to time, to delete unwanted accounts and free up space for others.
* or if you’d just like to say hello and have a friendly chat! steve@angelproductions.co.uk