Zoom session for Coventry University, 9th May 2024

‘How do I know my work is good enough for a PhD?’

Join us on Zoom at 10.00am on Thursday 9th May 2024, to discuss the question that’s never far from a PhD student’s mind. Apart from occasional feedback from your supervisor, how do you know you are on track to meet the required standard? The 90 minute session will include excerpts from several of the Angel Productions videos for doctoral students followed by questions and discussion, with expert contributions from Prof John Wakeford of the Missenden Centre and . It will be hosted by Angel Productions and will also serve as an introduction to Dr.App, the online resource which gives Coventry staff and students access to the entire video series. This session is recommended for research students at any stage of a doctorate, and for staff who work with them.

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If you’re at Coventry University and not yet using Dr.App, you can register your free account and get started here.