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DVD contains 2 videos (28 + 22 mins)
Printable manual, workbook and trainers' resources on CD-rom
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7 day rental £150
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'It has just about everything a trainer needs.' 
- Training magazine
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'I warmed to the characters and their shortcomings. I liked the recognition that good intentions sometimes get translated into damaging strategies.' 
- People Management
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Find Your Voice
how to manage people

I was good at my job so they put me in charge of the team ...

Find Your VoiceAngel Productions’ ‘toolkit’ for people managers is an essential resource for anybody in charge of a team, and can help take the anxiety out of managing people.
It shows all the main skills and processes involved, including  managing performance, managing conflict and managing a diverse team.

Designed as a primer, rather than an in-depth treatment of the many issues it raises, the package helps pinpoint users’ further training needs.

< Play an excerpt here. The complete programmes are supplied on DVD with full screen broadcast quality video.

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Find Your Voice will be valued in any organisation where:
  • New managers need induction
  • Existing managers have gaps in their previous training
  • There is diversity in the team
Video 1 - Getting into Harmony
Video 1 is built around our 'VOICE' acronym, summing up the essential skills for managing people:
  • Vision
  • Organisation
  • Involvement
  • Communication
  • Enquiring
Find Your Voice
Video 2 - Dealing with Difficulties  
Video 2 presents some of the more challenging tasks likely to face anyone with a team to manage sooner or later:
  • Dealing with performance problems
  • Dealing with inappropriate behaviour
  • Managing change
The DVD features subtitles for hearing impaired users, which you can switch on or off as needed 

The  resource CD-rom contains a printable training manual, a workbook, PowerPoint presentations, handouts and everything a trainer needs to deliver a two day introduction to people management course