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Can You Hear Me?
how to give memorable presentations

Whoever you are and whoever you’re speaking to, a few simple techniques can help you keep the attention of your audience, get your message across and turn presenting into a pleasure instead of an ordeal.

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Whether you are describing your research to an academic audience, briefing your team on health and safety, presenting the figures to the board or trying to sell your new product, the same principles apply.

Can You Hear Me?In this DVD, presentation coach Greg de Polnay describes the essential skills and delivers self-help tips anyone can benefit from. Scenes set in a university show how presentation disasters can be turned into triumphs by remembering these simple skills. You might still be nervous when you stand in front of your audience - most people are - but you will have confidence in your ability to get your message heard.

Can You Hear Me? includes: 
  • who are you / what do you want to say?
  • choose appropriate content
  • prepare
  • body
  • voice
  • technology
  • expect the unexpected 

'The People Bulletin', 3rd December 2009, carried an article based on the content of CAN YOU HEAR ME. Read it here.