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The Bad Supervision Video -
what to do about problems with your PhD supervisor

When doctorates are abandoned or go wrong, more often than not it is because of problems between students and their supervisors.  The Bad Supervision Video will help students get back on track if they find their supervisors unavailable, unhelpful or unprofessional. This half hour video in our series for doctoral students was made in cooperation with University College London. 

Play an excerpt from the complete half hour video here. 
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Most research students enjoy the many benefits of the support of experienced academics.  The best supervisors challenge and empower their students and help them navigate through what can be a lonely and unstructured experience.  But some students struggle to get this support.  Some find it hard to get the attention they need and timely feedback or answers to their questions.  Some get unhelpful or contradictory advice.  And some feel used by supervisors as cheap labour, or are pressured into inappropriate relationships.   Through drama scenes, expert interviews and the personal accounts of real students, The Bad Supervision Video discusses what can go wrong, and more importantly, what students can do if they feel their relationship with supervisors is not working.

The Bad Supervision Video was produced with advice from Professor John Wakeford, Director of the Missenden Centre for the Development of Higher Education.

The Bad Supervision Video and other videos in the series are available for sale to universities, colleges and other organisations. For a one-off payment, your institution can be permanently licensed to make the video available to all your registered students in DVD format and to upload to your intranet or other secure digital platform. To preview the full video or enquire about licensing, please email enquiries@angelproductions.co.uk

The Angel Productions videos for research students now include 3 titles about supervision:
  • The Good Supervision Video helps students understand what they should expect from supervisors (and can help supervisors understand their role).

  • The Bad Supervision Video helps students decide what to do if they have problems in their relationship with supervisors (details on this page).

  • The Outstanding Supervisors Video helps supervisors to reflect on their practice.