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One (fictional) student’s PhD journey

There are many ways to find your way around the videos (more than 8 hours of them) in Dr.App.  The Topics menu is the best way to find what you’re looking for, if you know what that is.  But if you fancy binge-watching and treating Dr.App like your favourite soap opera, you can do that too!  One character, Rachel, features in many of the videos, and you can follow her progress across a span of several years.

Rachel’s first appearance, and first meeting with her supervisor, Prof Jim Alton, is in The Good Supervision Video.

Here we see Rachel getting to grips with essential presentation skills.

In The Good Doctorate Video  Rachel makes a plan for completing her thesis on time.

See if Rachel is ready for her upgrade panel in The Good Upgrade Video.

In The PhD Survival Video we meet Rachel offering support to a friend who’s struggling.

Rachel helps organise a conference in The Good Networking Video.

Rachel’s applying for jobs in The ‘What Next?’ Video.

Sit in on Rachel’s viva (and her preparations for it) in The Good Viva Video.

In The Bad Supervision Video, Rachel is working as a junior academic and taking on her first student as a supervisor.