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DVD contains 2 videos (48 + 24 mins)
Printable manual on CD-rom
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'enabled us to put together a comprehensive workshop on diversity ... one of the best videos / DVDs I have seen for a long time' 
- Lynne Powell,
National Probation Service

'Head and shoulders above the other Diversity videos we previewed.' 
- Ian Caldecourt, 
National Westminster Bank

'an excellent starting point for raising awareness' 
- People Management


The Difference
diversity at work

Being different is the one thing we all have in common  ...

The Difference

Is ‘Managing Diversity’ anything more than a fancy name for Equal Opportunities? The Difference shows how a strategy which recognises people’s diversity can release potential, enhance staff motivation, improve performance and deliver better service to customers.

DVD with menu-access to each section, and subtitles which can be switched on if needed.


< Play an excerpt here. The complete programmes are supplied on DVD with full screen broadcast quality video.

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Video 1: What the Photocopier saw

48 minutes of powerful and entertaining drama scenes showing the costs and benefits of managing a diverse team badly or well. The action revolves around the office photocopier, a silent witness to countless everyday incidents revealing how the business suffers when team members fail to treat each other with respect. This is a subtle training video and there is little spoonfeeding - because Diversity is a subtle and complex subject. Users who want clear guidance about training points will find it in the accompanying Training Manual. This is also a more versatile training video than most - the scenes could contribute to training in a number of other areas, including communication skills, team working and supervisory skills. 
Video 2: Real people: different people
Six people talk about the prejudices and stereotypes they encounter at work because of their personal characteristics: their age, gender, race, sexuality, disability or parental responsibilities. Each has their own way of dealing with other people’s attitudes towards them. For some, prejudice causes extra pressure to achieve. Some are less able to work effectively because of the attitudes they meet. In this 24 minute programme, we also hear about the positive benefits each of the six brings to work by being ‘different’.  

DVD features subtitles for hearing impaired users, which you can switch on or off as needed 

The DVD comes with a comprehensive Training Manual on CD-rom, structured to support use by trainers or individual learners.