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This video in our series for doctoral students was made in partnership with Birkbeck University of London. 

The 'Should I do a PhD?' Video -
what PhD students wish they had known before they started...

This video is mainly for people who have not yet started a doctorate: masters students and others who are asking themselves 'Should I do a PhD?'  Of course there is no simple 'yes' or 'no' answer, but we asked current and recent PhD students what they wished they had known before they started, and their answers reveal more about the PhD experience than any prospectus. The video will be invaluable for any institution wanting to help students make informed choices about doctoral study.

The complete video is available in our  NEW  mobile app, Dr.App, or as a separate half hour video.  Ask us about a preview or purchasing a licence.

The video is based on case studies of PhD students from several institutions, working full time and part time across a wide range of disciplines, from arts, humanities and sciences. There is also expert commentary on the issues raised from Professor John Wakeford of the Missenden Centre, who specialises in advising research students.

The video sheds light on the special satisfactions of doctoral study but also on challenges including:

The video will help clarify the thinking of those who are considering a PhD and enable them to make better informed choices.  It will also help those who have started a PhD to understand what they have taken on.

The 'Should I do a PhD?' Video was produced in partnership with Birkbeck University of London and with advice from Professor John Wakeford, Director of the Missenden Centre for the Development of Higher Education, as part of our series for doctoral students.