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Refugee Stories project

Stephen EngelhardStephen Engelhard would like to hear from refugees of any age, from any country, living in or near Brighton, if they would like to tell their story in a film he is making.  Why?  Steve's parents were refugees.  They were reluctant to tell their stories, because they found that few people wanted to hear them.  But every refugee has an interesting story and it's important that we learn from them. 

- Where do they come from and why did they leave home?
- How and why did they come to the UK, and what kind of welcome have they had?
- How do they see their future?

Steve has worked in journalism, television and video production all his life. Please get in touch for a chat, you'll be under no obligation to take part in the film unless you want to!  refugeestories@angelproductions.co.uk

Steve introduces the project here: