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Oh Yes I Can
the disability video

Think what disabled people CAN do,
not what they can't  ...

Video 1: Working with disabled staff
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Disability: is it a physical or mental impairment? Or is it the way the world fails to cater for you if you’re not ‘normal’?

This 30 minute video challenges many assumptions about disabled people. In it we meet people with a range of different impairments, working successfully in widely different jobs.
Oh Yes I Can
presented by Phil Friend

Video 2: Serving customers with disabilities
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13 million adults in the UK have a disability or care for someone who has. If you’re in business, you ignore this huge market at your peril.
This 20 minute video shows how making goods and services accessible to disabled people is good business sense. And it explains why ‘accessibility’ does not just mean ramps for wheelchair users. Beyond physical accessibility, the examples show the importance of awareness of disabled people’s needs.

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