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If you have not used workplace mediation before, read our 'Beginners' Guide' by Stephen Engelhard, published in The People Bulletin, March 2012

Workplace Mediation:

the right solution at the right time

Angel Productions offers a workplace mediation service: a skilled, independent mediator will come to your workplace to resolve one-to-one conflict. This service builds on our long-established expertise in equality, diversity, bullying, harassment and dignity at work.
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Stephen Engelhard.

3 chairsResearch by the CIPD* has shown that ‘the scale of workplace conflict is remarkable and has increased in the recession’[1]. Left to themselves, even trivial difficulties between colleagues can fester and grow until they ruin working lives, relationships and productivity.

Managed in traditional ways, conflict often leads to expensive and stressful disciplinary and grievance procedures or employment tribunal hearings, resignations and dismissals.

The good news is that more and more organisations are turning to mediation as a better, cheaper, more constructive alternative. They are doing so because it works: 9 out of 10 users report that mediation resolves the issues it addresses either partly or completely[2]. Mediation can help you avoid formal and legal procedures, but it is not only suitable for cases which would otherwise require these. When problems in a working relationship emerge, the earlier mediation is used, the better the prospects of success.

We use a structured, well tested method of mediation with a proven track record:

It is

It is NOT about

• speedy

• winning or losing arguments

• confidential

• apportioning blame for past problems

• impartial

• imposing solutions.

The aim is to find common ground and focus on the future.

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* For more general information about workplace mediation, what it is, how it works, and who is using it, we recommend the following reports from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) which you can download from the links below:

[1] Conflict Management, March 2011

[2] Workplace Mediation – How Employers do it, July 2008

[3] Mediation – An Approach to Resolving Workplace Issues, February 2013