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1 DVD (25 mins)
Printable manual, handouts and sample forms on CD-rom
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‘Hits the spot in terms of content’ 
- Mrs S Barnatt, 
Homerton School of Health Studies

'Makes an interesting session and opens up plenty of discussion.' 
- Jackie Backhouse,
City of Bradford Council

‘Well acted - believable but to the point. Good information, easily understandable language.’ 
- Linda Bolton, PRP Ltd

'This resource provides an admirable stimulus for debate around many sensitive issues and alerts us all to aspects of human behaviour that we often overlook.' 
- People Management


Equality Challenge
an introduction to equal opportunities

  • What is equal opportunities?
  • What are my rights?
  • What are my responsibilities?
  • Why does it matter?
Our equal opportunities 'primer' poses many thought-provoking questions.

The answers? Well that's up to users (though the Equality Challenge manual helps them find their way). 
Equality Challenge

< Play an excerpt here. The complete 25 minute programme is supplied on DVD with full screen broadcast quality video.

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The package is based on specially shot drama scenes set in a retail store and a doctors’ surgery. It deals with relationships with colleagues, staff, customers and suppliers, raising issues including race, sex and pregnancy discrimination, disability, age and sexual orientation. There are 25 minutes of video in 8 'chapters' and 32 questions for discussion, or to be answered in the users’ Workbook.

The DVD features:
Links you can click to display the 'answers' from the manual as text on your screen.
Subtitles for hearing impaired users, which you can switch on or off as needed

The CD-rom of printable resources includes a Manual and a users' Workbook you can distribute to delegates on each course you run and check their understanding of the issues.