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Now you can put our complete video series to support research students into your staff and students’ pockets

Our app for Android and Apple devices contains the entire contents of the video series, plus new content, to which we will continue adding.

"I think it's a great app, very easy to use, and the actors make it even more enjoyable.  I found the topic on Planning Ahead very useful."
-Feedback from a PhD student, March 2021

"The videos are well produced and relatable. I’m a year into a PhD and was given access to Dr.App about 2 months ago. I wish I’d received it and started it earlier. It makes me feel a lot less alone in my struggles and anxieties.  Thank you to all involved in putting this content together and making it available. Undertaking a PhD is a daunting commitment at times. The support is sincerely appreciated."
- PhD student in Australia,
July 2021

Dr.App runs on the Gurucan platform

To get Dr.App, use the link you've been sent for your university,

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ask us for a free preview account,

Or if you want to buy individual access for yourself, click here

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Digital resources have never been more important. Our videos to support and develop doctoral students and their supervisors have been reconfigured and indexed as a mobile learning app. Dr.App is a unique new reference resource, accessible any time, anywhere. 

Dr.App covers everything from working with supervisors and preparing for the viva examination to coping with stress and mental health challenges, from research impact to networking skills.  We have restructured 15 half hour videos into short segments, grouped by theme and indexed for easy navigation.  And we plan to add new content frequently.  

Even if you’re already familiar with some of the video contents, Dr.App turns the video series into a more powerful, more portable, more interactive tool for learning and support.  The app encourages feedback from users, which will be valuable for institutions designing their researcher support, and will enable the producers to develop more content in direct response to users’ needs.  The videos will play on all smartphones and tablets and any web browser on a computer, with video compressed to run smoothly using wifi or mobile data connections.  

Universities can buy access to the full contents for an affordable licence fee each academic year, the price depending on the number of research students and staff you need user accounts for – or save even more by buying 3 year licences.  Customised content for each university buying licences can be included if required.  

Click here to enquire about licencing Dr.App for your institution

Individual research students can also buy their own access to Dr.App if their institution has not done so for them: click here.



Does Dr.App contain the entire contents of the Angel Productions video series for research students?

Yes!  And new contents will be added frequently.


Can we include customised content specific to our university?

Yes!  We can include text-based information, eg about sources of support, only visible by users from your institution, at no extra cost.  If you would like custom made video content as well, we can provide our low cost production service and integrate extra content into your users’ version of Dr.App.  Contact us.


How much does it cost?

We have done all we can to make Dr.App affordable.

  • Institutional licences are based on a modest price per user for unlimited use of the complete package for an academic year, so depend on user numbers. 
  • If your institution has previously bought licences for any of the videos included in Dr.App, your licence for the app will cost even less. 
  • You can save even more by committing to buying licences for 3 academic years.


Can individual students buy their own access if their institution is not providing it?

Yes, they can, directly from Angel Productions, but they might wonder why they have to!


What platforms does Dr.App run on?

It will play on all smartphones and tablets and any web browser on a computer, with video compressed to run smoothly using mobile data connections.


Does the app test and assess users’ learning?

No, but it invites qualitative feedback and comments after each segment is viewed, which can be shared with users’ institutions.


Contact us.