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If you need help with disability issues, try the contacts or weblinks from the list below, intended for users of our OH YES I CAN videos.

Please let us know if any of the details are out of date or you want to suggest any additions.

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Please note that the descriptions below are mainly provided by the listed organisations and do not imply any endorsement by Angel Productions.

Anabas Training & Consultancy

95 Hotham Place




Phone: 01752 563459

Fax: 01752 563459

E-mail: pointon@which.net

Disability research, training and consultancy

Arthritis Care

18 Stephenson Way

London NW1 2HD

Phone: 020 7380 6500

Fax: 020 7380 6505

Web Page: http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk


Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus


42 Park Road

Peterborough PE1 2UQ

Phone: 01733 555988

Fax: 01733 555985

E-mail: postmaster@asbah.org

Web Page: http://www.asbah.org/

Publishes topic sheet for support workers.

Fact sheets for potential employers. Will give disability awareness training if requested.

British Council of Organisations of Disabled People (BCODP)

Litchurch Plaza

Litchurch Lane

Derby DE24 8AA

Phone: 01332 235551

E-mail: general@bcodp.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.bcodp.org.uk/

Minicom: 01332 295 581

Co-ordinating and representative body for disabled people and organisations controlled by disabled people. 125 member groups and many hundreds of individual members covering about 400,000 disabled people in all.

British Dyslexia Association

98 London Road


Berkshire RG1 5AU

Phone: 0118 966 8271

Fax: 0118 935 1927

E-mail: info@dyslexiahelp-bda.demon.co.uk

Web Page: http://www.bda-dyslexia.org.uk

Through a network of local offices, they provide support and general information for people affected including family and employers.

British Heart Foundation

14 Fitzhardinge St

London W1H 4DH

Phone: 020 7935 0185

Fax: 020 7486 5820

E-mail: internet@bhf.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.bhf.org.uk

Provide a useful list of sympathetic insurers and a very large range of publications and videos.

British Polio Fellowship

Ground Floor, Unit A

Eagle Office Centre

The Runway

South Ruislip

HA4 6E

Phone: 020 8842 1898

Fax: 020 8842 0555

E-mail: info@britishpolio.org

Web Page: http://www.britishpolio.org/

Assist people with finding employment. They employ two qualified social workers for information about housing and technical aids.

Changing Faces

1 & 2 Junction Mews

London W2 1PN

Phone: 020 7706 4232

Fax: 020 7706 4234

E-mail: info@changingfaces.co.uk

Web Page: http://www.changingfaces.co.uk

A national organisation that provides practical help and support for people with disfigurements, works with employers, health and social care professionals and raises public awareness. A range of self-help booklets and videos are also available.

Churchill & Friend

Weltech Centre


Welwyn Garden City



Phone: 01707 324466

E-mail: philip@friend.u-net.com

Churchill & Friend (who were associated with the production of OH YES I CAN) provide consultancy, training and research focusing on disability and general diversity issues. Our services cover a wide range of subjects including employment, customer care and access. We also offer a range of products including disability employment and customer care audits.

Deaf 24/7

E-mail: infor@deaf247.co.uk

Web page: http://www.deaf247.co.uk/


Internet resource for all British Sign Language and deafness related information especially in United Kingdom.

Deaf Essential Ltd

Basepoint Business Centre

Rivermead Drive




Phone: 01793 602506
Fax: 01793 608712

Mobile/SMS: 07704 068578   

SMS only:07849 788724

E-mail: office@deafessential.co.uk

Web Page: http://www.deafessential.co.uk

Deaf Essential Ltd help to improve access for the Deaf community by providing CACDP or ASLI registered language professionals. We improve access to the Deaf community by training people in British Sign Language, Deaf Awareness and our translation and Media Production Services.


Diabetes UK

10 Parkway



Phone: 020 7424 1000

E-mail: info@diabetes.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.diabetes.org.uk/

Give information and advice over the phone to employers and employees. Information booklets available.

Dial UK

St Catherines

Tickhill Road


South Yorkshire DN4 8QN

Phone: 01302 310123

Fax: 01302 310404

E-mail: enquiries@dialuk.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.dialuk.org.uk/

Text Phone: 01302 310123

DIAL UK is the national organisation for the DIAL network - 140 disability advice centres run by and for disabled people.

Disability Law Service

39-45 Cavell Street


E1 2BP

Phone:  020 7791 9800

Fax: 020 7791 9802

Minicom: 020 7791 9801

E-mail: advice@dls.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.dls.org.uk

Free legal advice for disabled people concerning their rights on the Act; also provide their own team of lawyers.

Down’s Syndrome Association

155 Mitcham Road


SWl7 9PG

Phone: 020 8682 4001

Fax: 020 8682 4012

E-mail: info@downs-syndrome.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.dsa-uk.com/

Information, support and advice to people with Down's syndrome, their parents, carers, families, professionals, others with an interest. A network of branches and parent support groups. Literature list available.

Equality and Human Rights Commission

3 More London
Tooley Street 


Phone: 020 3117 0235


Replaced the former

Commission for Racial Equality

Equal Opportunities Commission and

Disability Rights Commission

in October 2007

Equality Link Consultancy 

Web Page: http://www.equalitylink.co.uk


Equality Link Consultancy specialises in disability equality and diversity training in the work place. We provide bespoke training, consultancy and auxiliary services to ensure that your service meets its legislative requirements and deliver service excellence at all levels.

Employers’ Forum on Disability

Nutmeg House,

60 Gainsford Street,

London SE1 2NY

Phone: 020 7403 3020

Fax: 020 7403 0404

E-mail: efd@employers-forum.co.uk

Web Page: http://www.employers-forum.co.uk

The Employers’ Forum on Disability is the national employers’ organisation focused on disability in the UK. A not-for-profit organisation funded by over 370 members , the Forum make it easier for organisations to recruit and retain disabled employees and to serve disabled customers.

Epilepsy Action

New Anstey House

Gate Way Drive



LS19 7XY

Phone: 0808 800 5050

Fax: 0113 391 0300

E-mail: epilepsy@epilepsy.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.epilepsy.org.uk

The leading representative organisation for epilepsy in the UK, with over 21,000 members. BEA serves over 2000 people each month through its Advice and Information Centre, with many more people offered support by EA volunteers and branches throughout the UK

Family Fund Extra

Web page: http://www.familyfundextra.org.uk

The Family Fund is the largest grant-giving organisation helping families who care for severely disabled children. The Fund provides this support in the form of grants helping children and young people up to 18 across a whole range of disabilities including learning difficulties, physical disabilities and mental health problems.  It also provides money-saving discounts for their parents and carers.

Haemophilia Society

Chesterfield House

385 Euston Road

London NW1 3AU

Phone: 020 7380 0600

Fax: 020 7387 8220

E-mail: info@haemophilia.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.haemophilia.org.uk/


Headway - the brain injuries association

4 King Edward Court

King Edward Street

Nottingham NG1 1EW

Phone: 0115 924 0800

E-mail: information@headway.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.headway.org.uk


Web Page: http://www.healthline.com/health/type-2-diabetes

Healthline provides a very comprehensive overview of Type 2 Diabetes as a critical starting point for individuals and/or their loved ones.

Huntington’s Disease Association

108 Battersea High Street

London SW11 3HP

Phone: 020 7223 7000

Fax: 020 7223 9489

E-mail: info@hda.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.hda.org.uk/

(Formerly Huntingtons Chorea)

Leukaemia Care Society

2 Shrubbery Avenue




Phone: 0800 169 6680

E-mail: leukaemiacare@ukonline.co.uk

Web Page: http://www.leukaemiacare.org/


Limbless Association

Unit 16, Waterhouse Business Centre
2 Cromar Way
Chelmsford, Essex CM1 2QE

Helpline: 0800 644 0185

E-mail: enquiries@limbless-association.org

Web Page: http://www.limbless-association.org/


MIND (The Mental Health Charity)

Granta House

15-19 Broadway

Stratford, London E15 4BQ

Phone: 020 8519 2122

Fax: 020 8522 1725

E-mail: contact@mind.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.mind.org.uk

One in four people may have mental health problems during their life - that’s why Mind works for a better life for everyone with experience of mental distress in England and Wales. Information section of site includes over 100 on-line publications includi

Multiple Sclerosis Society

MS National Centre

372 Edgware Road



Phone: 0808-800 800

Fax: 020 8438 0701

E-mail: info@mssociety.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.mssociety.org.uk

Publications include:

MS and Insurance

A Guide to Staying in Work (for employees with MS)

Employing People with MS (for employers of people with MS)

Muscular Dystrophy Campaign

7/11 Prescott Place

London SW4 6BF

Phone: 020 7720 8055

Fax: 020 7498 0670

E-mail: info@muscular-dystrophy.org

Web Page: http://www.muscular-dystrophy.org/


National League of the Blind & Disabled

Central Office

Swinton House

324 Grays Inn Road



Phone: 020 7837 6103

A registered trade union. They take up cases of people who are discriminated against in various settings. Provide free legal advice to their members. They also negotiate on wages, conditions and all matters at work.

P H A B (Physically Disabled / Able Bodied)

Summit House

Wandle Road

Croydon CRO 1DF

Phone: 020 8667 9443

Fax: 020 8681 1399

E-mail: info@phabengland.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.phabengland.org.uk

300 clubs around England. Phab promotes integration on equal terms between disabled and non-disabled children, young people and adults, offers integrated holidays, social activities and disability awareness training to all organisations and companies.

Parkinson's Disease Society

215 Vauxhall Bridge Road



Phone: 0808 800 0303

Fax: 020 7233 9908

E-mail: enquiries@parkinsons.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.parkinsons.org.uk

Helps people with Parkinson’s, their carers and families by providing vital support, advice and information, and funds for research.

Project Able, Sign Language Bureau

Middlesex University


Enfield EN3 4SF

Phone: 020 8292 1091

Fax: 020 8362 5360

Minicom: 020 8292 1501

Deaf awareness training and sign language interpreters for employers and other professionals

Rehab 4 Addiction

offers free support and help to people who suffer with alcohol and drug addiction. Rehab 4 Addiction offers free telephone assistance and also maintains useful resources and guides on its website.

R N I B (Royal National Institute for the Blind)

224 Great Portland Street



Phone: 020 7388 1266

Fax: 020 7388 2346

E-mail: helpline@rnib.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.rnib.org.uk

RNIB is the leading charity working on behalf of the one and a half million people with serious sight problems in the UK, providing services, information, support and advice.

R N I D (Royal National Institute for Deaf People)

19-23 Featherstone Street



Phone: 0808 808 0123

Fax: 020 7296 8199

E-mail: helpline@rnid.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.rnid.org.uk

Textphone: 0808 808 9000

The largest charity representing deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK. Campaigning, lobbying, providing services and social, medical and technical research.

Sabre Employment Ltd

Ivy House, Bradgate Road

London SE6 4JD

Phone: 020 8690 4344

Fax: 020 8314 0789

E-mail: sabreemployment@compuserve.com

A not-for-profit company to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Supported employment, courses, seminars and workshops in Training in Systematic Instruction. Deaf/disability awareness training and skills teaching.


Cerebral Palsy Helpline

P O Box 833

Milton Keynes

MK12 5NY

Phone: 0808 800 3333

E-mail: cphelpline@scope.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.scope.org.uk

Scope is a national disability organisation whose focus is people with cerebral palsy. Our Aim is that disabled people achieve equality. Scope provides both national and local information and support services. Our work is focused around four priority areas - early years, employment, education and daily living.

Sense, The National Deafblind & Rubella Association

11-13 Clifton Terrace

Finsbury Park

London N4 3SR

Phone: 020 7272 7774

Fax: 020 7272 6012

E-mail: enquiries@sense.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.sense.org.uk

Minicom: 020 7272 9648

Sense is the national voluntary organisation supporting and campaigning for people who are deafblind or have associated disabilities, their families, their carers, and professionals who work with them. People of all ages and with

Stroke Association

Stroke House

Whitecross Street

London EC1Y 8JJ

Phone: 0845 30 33 100

Fax: 020 7490 2686

Web Page: http://www.stroke.org.uk


Terrence Higgins Trust

52-54 Gray's Inn Road

London WC1X 8JU

Phone: 020 7831 0330

E-mail: info@tht.org.uk

Web Page: http://www.tht.org.uk

Helpline: 0845 1221 200 (Mon-Fri 10am-10pm, Sat, Sun 12-6pm)

Can give advice by phone, in person and by email on a range of issues related to HIV including employment, housing, insurance and pensions and general legal advice.