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Our videos for universities support the skills of doctoral students. 

They are now used in over 80 UK universities and a growing number around the world.  

The series includes: The Good Viva Video, the award-winning antidote to the stress and anxiety of the viva examination, The PhD Survival Video, our ground-breaking title on mental health and wellbeing for doctoral students and 12 more videos on all aspects of doctoral study

See the complete list here.  

The Bad Supervision Video

With the launch of The Bad Supervision Video  NEW  the series now includes 3 videos about the crucial relationship between doctoral students and their supervisors:  

The Good Supervision Video show students what they should expect from supervisors, and can help supervisors understand their role.  

The Bad Supervision Video  NEW  helps students understand what to do if their supervisors are unavailable, unhelpful or unprofessional.  

The Outstanding Supervisors Video helps supervisors reflect on their practice.